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Guy Tips Waitress $6,600 To Help Pay for College But She Was Lying!


Everyone loves those stories about rich customers who hear a waitress' hard-luck story . . . then leave a MONSTER TIP to change her life.  So are we bad for laughing when it goes THIS wrong?

On Valentine's Day, a man named Bill went to the Watermark Grille in Naples, Florida, where his waitress was Evana Conover.  Bill didn't reveal his last name . . . probably because he feels like an idiot now. 

Anyway, during dinner, Evana told Bill about her tough childhood and how she's putting herself through college at Florida Gulf Coast University.  And Bill was so touched by her story, he gave her two checks totaling $6,600 . . . to help with tuition.

 But last week, when he hadn't heard anything from Evana, he decided something didn't feel right.  So he called the school . . . and found out she's NOT a student there, and never has been.  Then he called Evana . . . and obviously she didn't answer. 

So he cancelled the checks.  He kept trying Evana, but never got a hold of her.  Finally, the local ABC affiliate tracked her down.

She told them she WAS a student . . . no matter what the school says . . . but was only doing classes online.  After that interview, she FINALLY called Bill . . . and told him she couldn't accept the money. WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

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